No audio from TV via HDMI cable (And other audio problems)

I was having a bit of audio problems before and then randomly, my computer started to output audio through the HDMI cable.
That was working for about 2 days.
I then installed updates on my PC and after that, the HDMI audio wasn't detected AT ALL.
I have
tried so many things.
YES I have looked at the playback devices and showed disabled devices.
YES I have tried re installing audio drivers, and YES I have tried to fix things in NVIDIA control panel.
Nothing computer is also saying that that there
isn't any audio cable plugged in when there really is.
I restart my computer and it detects that there is something in the audio jack but there is no sound coming out of my TV when I plug it in.

Solutions to the Problem No audio from TV via HDMI cable (And other audio problems)

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